Benefits of WCCR

  • It allows you to support the development of high-achieving, well-rounded students. 
  • It provides you with resources to develop high impact programs that meet WCCR standards.
  • It allows us to acknowledge the importance of co-curricular experiences.
  • It supports our students in their degree planning and experience building. 

Why include your activity in the WCCR?

  • It helps you promote your co-curricular activity and differentiates high-impact programs offered on Western's campus. 
  • It encourages students to reflect on what they learned from participating in your co-curricular activity. 
  • It helps improve co-curricular activities with a thorough program planning and assessment framework. The WCCR can identify gaps in programming and help us create programs that enhance students' experiences at Western. 
  • The more activities included in the WCCR, the more effective it will be in allowing students to showcase all of their co-curricular involvements.