What is Western’s Co-Curricular Record?

Western’s Co-Curricular Record (WCCR) is an official document from the university that chronicles your participation in co-curricular activities outside of the classroom. WCCR complements your academic transcript to tell the whole story of your student experience at Western.

All activities found on Western's Co-Curricular Record are coordinated through the University and have a staff or faculty member who oversees the activity and is able to validate a students' involvement. 

The WCCR is:

A Planning Tool:

The record allows you to search through a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities, based on your personal interests or the skills you wish to develop. Once you know what is available, you are able to plan ahead for your co-curricular engagement throughout your studies at Western.

A Learning Tool:

After participating in an activity, a reflection component of the record will allow you to understand the transferable skills you have developed through your involvement.

A Recognition Tool:

The WCCR is an official document that showcases the breadth of your experiences at Western. The record is customizable and ready to print at any time for job interviews, a volunteer opportunity, or graduate school applications.